Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My first blog post in ages...

Hello everyone,

Thank you for following me and for all of your support over the past several years as I've launched my life as an Author.

I'm sorry for not posting to a blog in, well, forever! I've had a lot going on.

First, I'm finishing up my fourth book in the Mind Bending Series. I'm pleased to announce that it will release on August 15, 2015. Thanks for everyone patience!

Another piece of big news is that Afterthoughts was optioned by Kilted Pictures and Dancing Forward Productions for filming of a movie. The wonderful Peyton Skelton and Diane Musselman are wrapping up the script now. More to come very soon on this front.

I'm very happy to have signed with White Handed PR for representation. Marla White is already working very hard to promote me and my books! I hope to soon reach JK Rowling fame! Well, I don't think that's possible for anyone, but you can't blame a girl for dreaming!

On a personal front, my husband and I bought a farm in Shepherdsville, Kentucky where we are now organic farmers. We have a host of chickens, turkeys, rabbits and garden veggies. It's all part of my new healthier lifestyle. I am still working with the American Heart Association and trying to get the word out about a heart healthy lifestyle and Brugada Syndrome.

I hope to do all sorts of updates from my Author stuff, other Author's stuff, movie stuff, farm stuff and heart stuff. I hope you find something you'll be interested in.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love to all....


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